Monday, May 12, 2008


Gallery402 is excited to announce our upcoming exhibit SK8ART, an exhibit of local skate board art and graphics. With over 200 area youth participating, we are exploring skateboard art within our mainstream culture and to acknowledge the creativity that has been emerging from the streets in our own community. Even the biggest skate track opponent would be pressed to prove that skateboarding isn't a creative sport. The creativity is also found on skateboards themselves, where the boards prove that the art of skateboarding reaches beyond the tricks of the trade. Skateboard art demonstrates that some of the most innovative graphics are being generated by youth emerged in this subculture. Local skate artists have joined their passions of art and skateboarding to showcase not only the art of the sport, but the art of the deck itself.

Show dates: May 16th - July 18th
Opening Reception - May 16th Wausau Exhibitour

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